Hobby Master: I think We Were Supposed to Make a Left Turn at Albuquerque


Every time I make a driving mistake, I think back to the Bugs Bunny cartoon from the 60s, where he gets lost boring a tunnel searching for Pismo Beach and instead finds Aladdin’s treasure. Apparently the shipment containing the May cache of Hobby Master products must’ve followed suit, since it is now expected to reach our distributor next week. After they get it unloaded, we are now probably looking at taking delivery of our order sometime in mid-June. Sorry, but some times these things are beyond our control and appreciate your patience in the matter.


On the plus side, we should be awash in Hobby Master releases throughout the month, since the June Hobby Master releases are slated to arrive at said distributor the third week of June. That is, barring any further driving mistakes, sun flares, comets passing through the solar system, etc. Often times it pays to make light of these types of mishaps. Getting worked up over it does no one any good and the anticipation caused by the delay tends to make their last mile delivery all the more worthwhile.

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