Its Ships Ahoy Courtesy of DeAgostini


Even though most companies seem to be on hiatus this time of year, that hasn’t prevented DeAgostini from dropping anchor at our port of call with six new warships. The half-dozen 1:1250 scale releases include the Royal Navy Nelson Class Battleship HMS Rodney (DGSW017), Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship, HMS Warspite (DGSW012), Royal Navy Class Heavy Cruiser HMS Exeter (DGSW013), Royal Navy Revenge Class Battleship HMS Ramillies (DGSW015), German Kriegsmarine Bismarck Class Battleship DKM Admiral Scheer DKM Tirpitz (DGSW018), and German Kriegsmarine Deutschland Class Heavy Crusier DKM Admiral Scheer (DGSW016).


Like their forebears, these ships are highly detailed and first rate, covering subjects no other model maker has dared to replicate in recent memory.

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