Land Ho! Another Model Maker Christens its Fleet


Great news for all you nautical buffs. We’ve learned that DeAgostini’s line of warships will be leaving port and making its way to our shipyard this September. Scaled at 1:1250 (which is slightly smaller than the Eaglemoss range), the DeAgostini collection examines some of the most iconic warships of the Second World War, with a little less emphasis on the Imperial Japanese Navy and more insight into some of the other ships and navies that sailed the high seas. Priced at just $21.99, these are going to make excellent stocking stuffers this holiday season!

The warships include US Navy Iowa Class Battleship – USS Missouri (BB-63) (#DGWS003), Imperial Japanese Navy Yamato Class Super Battleship – Yamato (#DGSW002), Royal Navy Ark Royal Class Aircraft Carrier – HMS Ark Royal (91) (#DGSW006), US Navy Pennsylvania Class Battleship – USS Arizona (BB-39) (#DGSW008), German Kriegsmarine Deutschland Class Heavy Cruiser – SMS Admiral Graf Spee (#DGSW007), German Kriegsmarine Scharnhorst Class Battleship – SMS Scharnhorst (#DGSW001), US Navy Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier – USS Hornet (CV-8) (#DGSW004), Royal Navy Renown Class Battlecruiser – HMS Repulse (#DGSW005), German Kriegsmarine Admiral Hipper Class Heavy Cruiser – SMS Prinz Eugen (#DGSW010), and US Navy Lexington Class Aircraft Carrier – USS Lexington (CV-2) (@DGSW009).

Best of all, each replica comes with a full-color, multi-page magazine (written in English, no less!), with the proposed series covering some sixty subjects in total.

DeAgostini Ships

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