Luft-X Returns to Do Battle

Luft-X’ German Messerschmitt Me 329 Fighter will be landing shortly

Some time has passed since Luft-X returned to do battle, determined to address some quality concern issues that sidetracked its business for almost two years. We’re now happy to report that they are back in the saddle, re-releasing its Horten Ho 229 fighter-bomber (LUFT004) this past week and now prepping for release some new items that were announced eons ago. Due out sometime this month is their German Messerschmitt Me 329 fighter (LUFT005), a twin pusher prop design that was intended to be a successor to the Messerschmitt Me 410. Also on the docket is their German Haunebu 1 Flying Saucer (LUFT010), which truly needs no explanation as its oddly-shaped design says it all, although we have learned that it is now likely to lift off in June..

Look for a German Blohm und Voss P.209.02 Fighter to take wing this June

Two more aircraft are set to fly in this June, including a German Blohm und Voss P.209.02 fighter (LUFT006) along with a German Focke-Wulf Ta 283 interceptor (LUFT007). Since the Haunebu has been assigned a LUFT010 SKU product identifier, we are also assuming that two new SKUS, which fall between LUFT007 and LUFT010, will also be announced very shortly.

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