Modelcollect Calls Out the Cadence: “This is My Rifle, this is My Gun”

Modelcollect’s upcoming 1:72 scale German Flak40 128mm Zwillingsflak Anti-Aircraft Gun

As part of their burgeoning World War II era collection, Modelcollect has added a number of new 1:72 scale products in recent weeks, many of which have never been produced by any other publisher. Take, for instance, this handsome German Flak40 128mm Zwillingsflak Anti-Aircraft Gun (AS72071), routinely founded guarding sensitive areas in the Reich and atop several of the immense Flak Towers located in the heart of Germany and Austria. The Company is already offering a kit-based model of the FLak Tower still in existence in Hamburg, so its anyone’s guess if they will also produce it in pre-assembled form and potentially with crew-served figures.

Modelcollect’s German Jagdpanzer E-100 “Salamander” Heavy Tank Destroyer

Also up for review is this monstrous Jagdpanzer E-100 “Salamander” super heavy tank destroyer (AS72070), something of a conjectural “paper panzer” that never made it off the drawing board yet could have just as easily seen battle had the war dragged on into 1946. Part of the Entwicklung series of standardized panzers the German war planners were working on, the “Salamander” could have easily fended off some of the heavy tanks and destroyers the Allies were fielding at the start of 1945. Goes perfectly with some of the other “paper panzers” that have formed the backbone of their World War II era series.

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