Modelcollect Takes Aim at the World War II Market


Long rumored but never confirmed, Modelcollect has officially announced plans to enter the pre-assembled WWII Market with an array of 1:72 scale panzers kicking off the attack. The four new models include a German E-50 Flakpanzer Anti-Aircraft Vehicle (AS72022), a German E-50 Medium Tank with 88mm Gun (AS72025), a German E-75 Heavy Tank with 88mm Gun (AS72021), and a German E-75 Flakpanzer Anti-Aircraft Vehicle (AS72023).


Also debuted were three new modern-era battle tanks, one based on a derivative of the ubiquitous T-72 and two more T-90 variants (AS72020, AS72003 and AS72006). Look for all seven new models to arrive as early as next week.

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