Move Over BMW, Mercedes and Lexus and Say Hello to the Ripsaw


Originally developed for the military, the “Ripsaw Extreme Vehicle 2” (EV2), is described as a “handcrafted, limited run, high end luxury super tank” by its maker, Howe & Howe Technologies. Now, collectors, off-roaders and military buffs can own their very own tank sans gun, provided they have the cash to burn on such a high-end extravagance.


According to the maker, the “Ripsaw Extreme Vehicle 2 was “Originally designed and built for the military as a high speed super tank, its base platform the ‘Ripsaw’ proved to be the fastest dual tracked vehicle ever developed.” The civilian model is geared towards “extreme off-road recreation” enthusiasts.

“The EV2 model appears to be based on the demilitarized MS2 design, capable of accelerating to 60 mph in less than four seconds, with a maximum speed of 80 mph,” according to Russia Today.

“These vehicles take up to 6 months to fabricate and can cost well into the 100s of thousands depending on desired luxury and performance packages,” the company said.

A fully loaded MS2 can accelerate from 0-50 mph in 5.5 seconds, and has a top speed of 60 miles per hour. Able to traverse 50-degree gradients and 45-degree slopes, the military model of the MS2 had an estimated cost of $250,000 apiece. No word as to how much the Ripsaw will run you.

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