Once More Unto the Breach with Wings of the Great War


When Wings of the Great War rolled out a Mark IV Male tank last year, it was a matter of time before they selected its sister, the Mark IV Female, as its next caisson. The principal difference between the two tanks is that the Female is studded with five machine guns whereas the Male’s armament boasted three machine guns and two QF 6 pounder 6 cwt Hotchkiss cannons.


Also rolling into No Man’s Land is an American Expeditionary Force Renault FT -17 light tank, the first vehicle to incorporate a rotating turret instead of a fixed gun in a sponson.

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2 comments on Once More Unto the Breach with Wings of the Great War

  1. Does Wings of war have any plans to include any troops to go with their armored vehicles as well as ground crews for their aircraft models?

    1. WE haven’t heard of any plans to date for the addition of troops although dioramas depicting no man’s land, trenches and such, would obviously help to extend the line in new yet complementary directions.


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