Panzerstahl Adds More Muscle to its Lineup


Quiet for several months, we were beginning to wonder if Panzerstahl had anything in the works for the back half of 2013. Well, according to our latest information, the Company intends to offer a limited edition 1:72 scale Jagdpanzer E-100 “Krokodil” (Crocodile) heavy tank destroyer this fall (#PS89005). Heavily requested by the World of Tanks online gaming community, the E-1oo is another one of those vehicles that were still in the design and testing phase in the closing months of WWII, developed as part of Germany’s standardized munitions program. Resembling an upgunned Jagdpanther, the Krokodil would have been a fearsome adversary for any tanker to encounter, capable of destroying any tank at great distances on the battlefield. Look for this new vehicle some time in September.


In other news, we’ve learned that Panzerstahl is in the process of creating other “end point” line terminating vehicles for the World of Tanks community. Expected later this fall will be a Russian IS-7 Stalin heavy tank, an experimental vehicle that never made it into production when it was debuted in 1948 (#PS89006). Like the Krokodil, the IS-7 will be a limited edition release but will not be packaged in their iconic metal tin outer container.

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