Panzerstahl: Tanks for the Memories


Maybe I’m dating myself, but the very first fully assembled replica caisson I remember purchasing some fifty or so years ago was a Roco Tank depicting the British Conqueror heavy tank. It was plastic, needed to be painted and could easily be trampled by the family pet, but still there was something about it that captured my heart and imagination. Needless to say, the keepsake has since gone the way of my baseball cards, Matchbox cars and comic books, but it nevertheless made an indelible mark on my childhood memories that I won’t soon forget.


It is therefore with some trepidation and a fair bit of anxiety that I await the arrival of Panzerstahl’s rendition of a  1:72 scale Conqueror. Constructed out of sturdy resin and bearing all of the hallmark details that have come to be associated with their highly successful World of Tanks line, the Conqueror, along with the Russian Object 704 heavy tank destroyer and restock of the US T-28 super heavy tank form an especially strong lineup for our October releases, and will no doubt be sought after this holiday season by collectors worldwide.

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