Product Spotlight: Ah, Benelli

After a long hiatus, it would appear as if Minichamps is once again cranking out some classic motorcycles. The first bike up for consideration and now in stock is a 1:12 scale 1975 Benelli 750 Sei Motorcycle that is finished in silver (MIN122123001).

Like the red version released way back in 2010, the silver bike features loads of detail and highly engineered parts, making it one of the most sought after collectibles in the motorcycle market. From working brake calipers to hoses and cables, no diecast motorcycle collectino would be complete without one of these handcrafted replicas.

The Benelli 750 Sei is a motorcycle that was produced by Italian manufacturer Benelli from 1972-1978. It was the first production motorcycle with a 6-cylinder engine. The engine was based on the four-cylinder Honda CB500, but with two extra cylinders. The cylinder head fins of the Sei were squared off to provide a cosmetic individuality; but otherwise the engine is in most respects obviously derived from the Honda.

Despite the extra cylinders, the Sei’s width was kept to a minimum by siting the alternator (which, on the Honda, is at the left-hand end of the crankshaft) behind the cylinders. Cooling was improved by having air passages between the cylinders. The Sei had three carburetters, compared to the Honda’s four. After four years of production, Benelli developed the 750 Sei into a 900cc motorcycle, with six-into-two exhausts.


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