Product Spotlight: What You Can Expect from the New Forces of Valor Line

Forces of Valor explains the depth and breath of nuances that goes into producing a pre-assembled model

We’re constantly deluged by inquiries asking why its taking so long for Waltersons, the new owners of the Forces of Valor brand, to bring their product portfolio to market. Beyond the learning curve associated with creating a static model, its a question of trial-and-error, as the new owners experiment with different techniques to both enhance the range and satiate the appetite of baying customers looking to get their hands on the newest introductions.

Vincent Tsang, Managing Director of the Forces of Valor line, posted a three part essay on Facebook describing the process in detail and why they are taking their time to get things right. We strongly suggest paying a visit to their Facebook page and read up on their explanation, which will hopefully provide added insight concerning how they are approaching the model making business. 


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