Rest in Peace Cookie the Pom

Cookie 7

In our early days, callers placing orders by phone would routinely hear our pet dog in the background, barking at the mail man walking past our house or going bonkers whenever the doorbell rang. Yesterday, at the age of 17, we were forced to put her to sleep, succumbing to a long bout with kidney disease that could no longer be controlled. Cookie was my first dog, so needless to say, she ruled the roost, which was fine by me considering she was my little buddy. In my eyes, she could do no wrong, despite our best efforts to train her. Its going to take me some time to get over her passing, and I’m sure each of you has their own story to share regarding a family pet that has gone to the hereafter.

Anyway, I’m hoping that my mom is now taking good care of her, and keeping her in tip top form until the day we can all see and play with her again.

Rest in Peace Cookie the Pom.

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