Shh! We Have A Secret We Want to Share With You

Having worked as a so-called “journalist” in the video game industry for a number of years, I’m quite familiar with the term embargo, and how it relates to news stories not yet ready for prime time with our readership. In fact, presently, we are sitting on a number of important developments in the diecast military space, some of which could make your hair turn grey prematurely or cause you to run out and want to purchase stock in these companies, should they ever go public.

So, if you are a manufacturer, and want to share some interesting information about either your company or the products you peddle, feel free to contact us with your salacious bit of gossip. We’ll sit on the story until such time as you feel it satisfactory to release it to your adoring public. Of course, we may have to spin it a tad, just to show how it fits in within the present framework of the diecast community and why its important to everyone involved.


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