Solido Takes a Curtain Call

When I entered this hobby some twenty years ago, french modelmaker, Solido, was one of the dominant players in the diecast military space. Producing a wide range of 1:43-1:50 scale military vehicles, and a smattering of 1:18 scale jeeps, Solido was a perennial favorite, even if they used and reused several molds ad infinitum to come up with new variations on a popular theme. In time, however, they withdrew from the military scene for any number of reasons, although always loitering in the background, like a back up actor, as if to one day make a return engagement.

In 2017, it appears as if they are finally ready to take a curtain call, thanks in large part to a wide array of previously released War Master 1:72 scale vehicles and aircraft that have been re-purposed and re-packaged for the  There were rumors that the Company would also be offering an even larger range of 1:43 scale military vehicles previously produced by Eaglemoss, which looks to be the case as evinced by several images posted on their Facebook page. If so, then Solido looks to be well poised to re-enter the military market, offering a steady diet of multi-ranged vehicles and aircraft that should delight the average collector for years to come.

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