Star Trek: The Battle of Wolf 359


If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool trekkie like we are, then you’re no doubt familiar with much of the Star Trek universe and lore, including the cataclysmic Battle of Wolf 359, where nearly 40 Federation star ships were destroyed by the Borg. While imagery of the battle has always remained sketchy, it takes a dedicated Star Trek artist to bring the battle to life, so-to-speak, by modelling many of the ships lost during the conflict.

Star Trek production artist Rick Sternbach has begun modelling several of the most noteworthy vessels lost at the hands of the Borg, including the USS Kyushu, a New Orleans Class starship,  which will be the subject of an upcoming Eaglemoss replica to be released later this year. For more information concerning his endeavors as well as pictures of some of the other models that could potentially be included in the Eaglemoss range, beam over to the The Trek Collective.

In related news, we’ve amended our Star Trek section so that it now contains several subsections highlighting some of the most important battle in the Star Trek universe, such as the Battle of Wolf 359. Enjoy!



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