Star Wars: A Galaxy No Longer Far, Far Away

disney star wars logo

As we edge ever closer to the start of 2015, we know that everyone will be waiting with baited breath for the debut of the Walt Disney-produced Star Wars film, which is expected in theaters for the holiday season. On a personal note, I fondly remember working at a major toy store chain when the first Star Wars movie shocked theater goers way back in 1977, feverishly stocking shelves with Kenner’s Star Wars merchandise then stepping back as kids of all ages snapped up the product in the blink of an eye.

At this time, we are aware of several collectible lines that will begin appearing in 2015, each aimed at different sectors of the marketplace. We plan on bringing in the more adult-oriented ranges, just like we did with the Eaglemoss Star Trek starship line, and we anticipate brisk sales for years to come as each new movie comes out. As product is announced, we strongly urge collectors to place their orders early to avoid disappointment and help us gauge interest among our collecting audience once word begins to spread. Thank you.

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