Amercom Provides Some Late Night Reading Material

With several Amercom items returning to stock, we learned today that the range is finally being bundled together with their accompanying magazines. The magazines may be a bit dated and originate in Poland, but they are written in English and designed to shed some background information on the item in question, much like the Eaglemoss partworks line of Star Trek starships. Please note that not every item we currently stock comes with the magazine, so as we run out of an item each follow-on replacement will purportedly come with the full-color booklet, although this too could change should our distributor indicate they are no longer available or not included with each shipment. We’ve uploaded the cover for one particular magazine and its accompanying model, so you can get a better idea as to what to expect going forward. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that more partworks lines will come in this fashion, much as they are issued across the pond in Europe. Best of all, the additional magazine will have no impact on the item’s pricing. Henceforth, we will amend the header for each item indicating whether or not it comes with the magazine.

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Amercom Ponders, “Did Someone Ask for Bombers?”


Our distributor reports that several long out-of-stock bombers and other big wing aircraft from Amercom should returning to store shelves by year’s end, hopefully in time for the holidays.


Most are 1:144 scale, with a smattering of the larger aircraft available in 1:200 scale. All are budget priced at just $19.99 and lend themselves towards making great stocking stuffers for the holiday season.

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Amercom Reaches the Front Lines


It’s been several months since we last received a shipment of Amercom merchandise so its with a measured degree of consternation that we announce the arrival of certain key introductions. Our latest cache includes a 1:72 scale replica of a British MCV 80 Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle, British Chieftain heavy tank, and US M60 Patton tank, to name but a few. We’ve also received a flock of helos and aircraft, many of which have been out-of-stock for several months running.


The problem with making these announcements is that new product typically gets gobbled up in a heartbeat, and we then have to wait an inordinate amount of time before it gets replenished by our distributor. Be that as it may, get ’em now before they’re snatched up by the handfuls.

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Amercom Inbound


The first of two Amercom shipments are now headed our way and should be arriving shortly. Because of the breadth and depth of the range, we decided to accept delivery of their helicopters first, and then their military vehicles second.


So, please bear with us as we take delivery of these two shipments. We will do our utmost to turn around any orders for these products as quickly as possible.

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Amercom Steps up its Warmaking Capabilities


Several new Amercom diecast military vehicles and helicopters were recently added to our product portfolio, bringing both sections up to robust levels. On the ground, several key introductions are being made available including this 1:72 scale M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzer and a Russian-liveried T-80 main battle tank.


In the air, a British Westland Scout light observation helo and US Navy Seasprite anti-submarine chopper were added to our fleet of rotary wing aircraft, as well as a heavily-requested MH-53 Sea Dragon transport helicopter. The Sea Dragon retails for $34.99 – a bit more than the other helos in the line due to its much larger size and added weight. Look for all of these new introductions some time in February.

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The Amercom Deluge is About to Roll In


Word from our Amercom distributor is that their shipment has arrived and is currently being parceled out to their dealer network. We’ve ordered enough product to fill all of our initial orders and hope to be able to obtain more Amercom inventory should we receive additional orders going forward. We anticipate taking delivery of our shipment early next week and will immediately review, process and ship ot any orders we’ve received to date.

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The AmerCom Update


Just to get everyone up to speed, we’ve now completed all of the new listings for both the AmerCom military vehicles section as well as the military helicopter section. We’re now turning our attention towards adding all of the new military aircraft soon to arrive, which encompasses both 1:72 scale as well as the smaller 1:144 and 1:200 scales.


As you might expect, all of this work takes time, and we anticipate completing these tasks towards the end of this week, based upon the length of time it took us to get the first two portfolios properly listed and any new information being passed along to us. We thank you for your patience.

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AmerCom Penetrates our Air Space


Its always frustrating to see entirely new ranges made available to consumers in other parts of the world and not being able to offer these products to our customer base. Recently, that paradigm seems to be changing, with more and more international brands coming to the North American marketplace. In the case of Polish manufacturer, AmerCom, they may have an American sounding name but its only now that their entire range of military aircraft, combat vehicles and military helicopters will be made available at affordable prices in the Western Hemisphere.



While we’re thrilled to finally be able to stock the line, its going to take us several days to build out every section and add each new item to our web site since there are over 200 SKU’s that have to be added.. With the extended weekend looming, we hope to have this job completed some time next week, and can begin to immediately accept pre-orders. Stock is reportedly arriving in early November, making them ideal stocking stuffers for the holiday season.

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The Guns of August


With a scant year to go before we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, it appears as if one manufacturer had the foresight to capitalize on the occasion. According to our distributor, an AmerCom has crafted a new line of 1:72 scale diecast aircraft that are based upon some of the most iconic planes of the Great War. Two German aircraft comprise the first wave – a Fokker Dr. 1 that was flown by the “Red Baron”, Manfred von Richthofen, and an Albatross D.V that was piloted by WWI ace, Paul Baumer.


Priced at just $20, these sharp-looking birds feature wire rigging, a display stand and a pilot figure, something you’d come to expect from a more expensive range of military replicas. Look for the first warbirds to touch down in early September.

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