New Line: Arsenal


Over the past few years, Russia has made steady progress in the diecast military space, preferring to follow a partwork approach to gaining market share. Partworks typically involve making a large run of closely related products, which are oftentimes accompanied by a full-color magazine or booklet that describes each subject in detail. One of our distributors has been able to lay claim to inventory from the latest partwork manufacturer, Arsenal, which has set its sights on producing a wide array of 1:72 scale World War II era vehicles. While we won’t be able to offer any printed matter with this initial shipment, we are happy to report that many of the subject vehicles have not been made available by any other manufacturer that we know of, thus making them unique and highly collectible in their own right. The downside is that the label that appears on the etched base for each vehicle appears in Russian Cyrillic as opposed to English. Well, what did you expect, darling? These products are coming to us from Mother Russia!

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