Atlas Editions Submarines

Atlas Puts its Wolf Pack Tactics to Work


In WWII, German Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz developed what he called “Rudeltaktik” (Wolf Pack Naval Tactics) as a means of gathering up his scant undersea assets to hunt down and sink the Allied convoys bound for Great Britain. Atlas Editions is using much the same strategy for its growing fleet of submarine replicas, pulling together seven submarines for a September slugfest.


The list of submarines is quite varied, ranging from a French cruising submarine to a gigantic Imperial Japanese Navy I-401 aircraft carrying boat. The I-401 even has two stowed and one fully deployed float plane on its deck. Several German U-Boats, British subs and the first US Balao-class hunter killer are also coming into range, all designed to silently prey upon the military-themed, diecast collecting community. Dive, dive!

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