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Atlas Editions Looks to Gain Market Share by Improving its Marketability

As a budget-minded line goes, Atlas Editions has always scored high marks in a number of critical areas including cost and detail, not too mention depth and breadth of range. However, from a marketability standpoint, the range has struggled, oftentimes employing simple balsa packaging and a see-through styrene cover, bereft of any information or hyperbole, to help sell the product. Recognizing these deficiencies, the Company has finally developed better packaging for some of their latest line extensions, thereby looking to better position it against the likes of Oxford Aviation, Altaya and others.

Their 1:144 scale bomber range will now come packaged as shown above while their 1:144-1:200 jet aircraft will come nestled in the packaging below. We assume other segments of the range will see a similar change in marketing format as the year progresses, all based upon impressions garnered from their collectors and authorized dealers.  

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Atlas Editions Fills the Skies in 2018

Atlas Editions’ German Messerschmitt Me 262 Fighter – 221-Victory Ace Oblt. Heinz Baer, III./EJG 2, 1945 and RAF Hawker Tempest Mk.V Fighter – 12.5-Victory Ace Flt. Lt. D.C. Fairbanks, 274 Squadron, 1944

Late today, we learned of a new range of 1:72 scale WWII era diecast military aircraft offered by Atlas Editions. The line contains a good number of different combat aircraft as well as a separate group of twin-pack planes that make ideal gifts for the holidays. We are still in the process of listing all of the many new products in our Atlas Editions section, which should be up-and-running some time tomorrow just as soon as all of the information is posted. In the mean time, we’ve posted a sample of one of the twin-packs, which depicts a German Me 262 jet bomber alongside a RAF Hawker Tempest Mk. V fighter.

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Atlas Editions: Four if by Land, Two if by Sea

An October treat: a 1:43 scale replica of an Italian Centauro Tank Destroyer

Looking to expand their foothold in the North American market, Atlas Editions will soon make available a quartet of new 1:43 scale military vehicles this October. On the land, expect to see a Willys jeep (ATL7123101), Italian Centauro Tank Destroyer (ATL7123112), USMC LAV-25 Piranha Light Armored Vehicle (ATL7123117), and Italian Fiat Iveco Oto Melara Type 6614 Armored Personnel Carrier (ATL7123117).

Germany’s most advanced submarine of WWII will surface this October. Clear the decks for a German Kriegsmarine Type XXI U-Boat – U-2540, Germany, 1945

By sea, two German U-Boats will surface soon: a German Kriegsmarine Type VIC U-Boat – U-552, Germany, 1941 (ATL7169103) and a German Kriegsmarine Type XXI U-Boat – U-2540, Germany, 1945 (ATL7169105). The latter is, perhaps, the most coveted warship in the Atlas submarine series, since it represents the most advanced submarine ever to set sail with the Kriegsmarine.

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Atlas Explains, “Why its Cheaper by the Dozen.” Well, Almost…

Eleven more 1:43 scale Atlas Editions vehicles are being added to our arsenal, all packaged handsomely with acrylic cases and stenciled terrain bases

Eleven more 1:43 scale military vehicles were added to the Atlas Editions juggernaut, all of whom are expected by mid August. While many vehicles have been seen before under different banners (EDG, Schuco, Eaglemoss, etc.), its nice to see they haven’t been permanently retired or left to languish in decaying green pastures. We’ve posted all of the newcomers to our Atlas Editions section and are now taking pre-orders ahead of their arrival next week.

While some vehicles have been offered previously, the Atlas alternatives include some nice gems, such as this Type 82 Kubelwagen in a desert scheme.
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Atlas Beefs Up Their Armored Assault

Atlas Editions’ 1:43 scale US T19 halftrack in olive drab

Our distributor reports that ten new 1:43 scale World War II era military vehicles are about to make landfall, along with a restock of their wildly popular World War I era German Ehrhardt Strassenpanzerwagen E-V/4 armored car. The ten vehicles cover a wide range of combatants, theatres of action and vehicle types, so without any further ado, here’s what you can lay your mitts on this March:

ATL2690941 – German Steyr Raupenschlepper Ost (RSO) with Pak 40 Anti-Tank Gun

ATL6690013 – German Sd.Kfz.4/1 Panzerwerfer 42 auf Maultier

ATL6690014 – British Humber Mk. IV Armored Car

ATL7123106 – US Navy Dodge WC51 6×6 1-1/2 Ton Weapons Carrier

ATL7123107 – German Wurfkorper M F1 50 Stuka zu Fuss Halftrack with Rocket Launchers

ATL7123109 – Soviet GAZ 67B Staff Vehicle

ATL7123110 – US Army T19 Howitzer Motor Carriage (HMC)

ATL7123119 – German Opel Blitz 3-Ton Truck – 7.Panzer Division, Eastern Front, 1942

ATL7123120 – Italian Autoblinda AB 41 Armored Car

ATL7123121 – Italian Morris Portee Gun Truck

Priced at just $24.99 apiece, these vehicles are designed to complement several recently introduced military series from the likes of Altaya, Eaglemoss, Schuco, Solido and others and we wouldn’t be surprised if they shared some parts and/or pedigree with a number of them.

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Atlas Hoists Up the Wehrmacht on its Brawny Shoulders

In the, “their loss is your gain” department, Atlas Editions is closing out a very handsome range of 1:32 scale German soldiers from WWII that covers everything from the Deutches Afrika Korps to the Luftwaffe. Molded in metal, each pairing of German soldiers comes pre-painted and pre-posed with a decorative base, and even comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and cushioned packaging. Best of all, each of the fifteen sets retails for only $12.99, making them an absolute bargain. no matter how you look at it. All of the sets are expected in March, and the distributor importing the line is claiming that they will be available in limited quantities, so its entirely possible we may not have them available for general sale once they do arrive. Enjoy!

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Atlas At Last



Good news for anyone collecting the Atlas Editions 1:43 scale military vehicles. Our distributor has reported that they are now in stock and being shipped out to their dealer network. Moreover, they have taken delivery of several 1:72 scale Atlas Editions military vehicles, which we have listed on our site.

Atlas Jagdpanther


While several of the vehicles have been made available by other manufacturers, the Atlas products come in nicer packaging, complete with acrylic display cases and bases, much like a similar product from with Dragon, Hobby Master or War Master.  A picture of a sample vehicle and its packaging can be seen here.

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Atlas Adds More Firepower to its Winter Assault


A precursor to Eaglemoss Collections highly-successful Military Vehicles of the Second World War collection, Atlas Editions Editions is continuing to make more of their military vehicles available to collectors in the North American market. We’ve learned that five more 1:43 scale combat vehicles comprise their January order of battle, including a White M3 scout car, Horch Kfz. 15 command car, Canadian Willys jeep with Bantam trailer, US Army Dodge WC 54 ambulance and Dodge US Army WC 63 cargo truck. Priced at just $21.99 apiece, these integral members of the world’s motorized forces are sure to please anyone this winter.

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Atlas Hoists the World’s Giant Aircraft on its Shoulders


Some time in November we are expecting a large shipment of Atlas Editions’ 1:144 scale aircraft from their Military Giants of the Sky Series. These are closeouts, hence the lower retail pricing of $19.99 apiece as compared with their original cost of over $25. Thirteen aircraft comprise the shipment, including several that have never been made available before, such as a Martin Model 167 light bomber and Mitsubishi Ki-21 “Sally” heavy bomber.


We’ve been told that this is a one-off shipment, so once these beauties are gone, we won’t be able to obtain more. We’ve moved a few of our remaining DeAgostini aircraft into the Atlas section, since they are one and the same not to mention are packaged in the same styrofoam and acetate covering.

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Atlas Turns a Mess into its Message


We recognize that a great many of our customers were unable to obtain the recently released Eaglemoss 1:43 scale US GMC Wrecker Truck because, we, and other retailers, were short-shipped this item. Fortunately, Atlas Editions, the original makers of the replica, has put together its own “Lend-Lease Program” of sorts, by making available this truck once again in its original form and in its original packaging (ATL269002). Expected in November, the GMC Wrecker is one of those vehicles that formed an integral part of the US Army during WWII, oftentimes tasked with rescuing and recovering broken down equipment in the field and bringing them back to the field workshops for overhaul.


We aren’t expecting all that many pieces to show up with the holiday fixings, so we strongly recommend pre-ordering this vehicle as soon as possible to avoid being shut out of this sale a second time around.

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