Avro Vulcan bomber

Corgi Exclaims that the Vulcan, “Lives Long and Prospers”

Corgi’s 1:72 scale Avro Vulcan boasts tampo printed markings and insignia, just like other aircraft in the Aviation Archive range

Earlier today, Corgi indicated that their long awaited 1:72 scale Avro Vulcan bomber (AA27203) had reached the US and was ready for shipment. Several months ago, collectors on the other side of the pond reported that the Vulcans they had received had decals instead of the usual tampo printed markings. Furthermore, some claimed that the decals were already peeling or cracking right out of the box. While we cannot comment on the issue and what steps were taken to rectify the matter, we did ask our US supplier to inspect the shipment they received to determine if they too suffered from the same type of issues. Upon inspection, our rep said that the Vulcans in their possession featured tampo printed markings and insignia not decals, and that they looked fine to even a trained eye. So, we agreed to accept our order, and now expect our allotment to arrive the first of week of August.

Bombs away! Looks as if this Vulcan is getting set to plaster a target
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Corgi Embarks Upon its Bomber Campaign


In what can only be viewed as good news for bomber aficionados, Corgi has confirmed the imminent arrival of its 1:72 scale B-17 Flying Fortress and Bf 108G-6 mega pack. Originally slated for a fourth quarter releases, this unique combination set is scheduled to arrive at Corgi’s facility on the 22nd, which means we should have our allocation by the end of August (#AA39915).

AA39915 Compilation

In related news, their humongous 1:72 scale Avro Vulcan bomber has also been moved up on the release schedule, and is now expected in the September/October time frame (#AA27201).


Both of these sets are truly massive, and, as such, are ineligible for any free shipping discounts we ordinarily offer. On the plus side, you can still pre-order either of these heavies using our 15% off discount.


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