Blitz 72

Blitz 72 Opts to Pull Guard Duty


We’re starting to sense several recurring themes here. Earlier today, Blitz 72 announced the imminent release of a new figure collection as well as a dandy diorama set. The first will feature six German soldiers in differing uniforms and varying poses, all taking up attacking positions, hence the name German Attack Forces. The second, and quite frankly offering tremendous value, is their German Motorcycle and Road Block Display Set. The set features a faux brick wall and assorted road blocks, but more importantly includes a pair of field grey motorcycles, one equipped with a sidecar. For $45, you get two vehicles and a load of diorama fodder, all painted up and ready to go. Look for both sets this March.

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Blitz 72 Decides to Pull Sentry Duty


We’ve been pleasantly surprised with some of the new introductions coming out of the Blitz 72 camp, including three of their latest offerings. Word from our distributor is that they will soon be shipping a trio of deluxe vignettes, which combine a vehicle with some sort of structure or figures.

BL19691 Compilation

All three sets have been posted to our Blitz 72 combat vehicles section and are scheduled for a September arrival.

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Blitz 72 Storms America


While their line of diecast military vehicles has gone cold, that doesn’t mean Blitz 72 doesn’t have a few tricks up their sleeve. Earlier today, we learned that they are producing a new line of pre-painted, 1:72 scale military figures that can be used with any 1:72 scale military vehicle range. Three WWII-era sets are slated for an August debut, with each set consisting of (6) six pre-posed figures. Each set will retail for only $17.99, making them very attractive additions to any enthusiast’s collection or diorama. The first three sets are German-themed, offering everything from infantry to support troops to panzer crews. There’s no telling how many sets are being imported into the North American marketplace, so if you’re indeed interested in scoring a few sets, run don’t walk to our all-new Blitz 72 Figures section.

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