Boeing Advanced F-15

Boeing Heralds the new 2040C F-15 Eagle

Advanced F-15

The Tactical Air Network is reporting that Boeing has created a slick commercial touting the benefits of an upgraded F-15. According to TAN, “This upgrade, called 2040C or Advanced F-15, will incorporate technology from Boeing’s older Silent Eagle program, along with a few new gadgets, in order to give the USAF’s F-15Cs a brand new lease on life, turning it into an even deadlier air-to-air fighter than ever before.”

According to Flight Global, the 2040C upgrade features “quad packs” which fit onto standard under-wing and belly hardpoints (the F-15C has 11 combined), effectively doubling the Eagle’s current air-to-air loadout to 16 missiles. That’s also double the F-22 Raptor’s internal air-to-air loadout. Additionally, conformal fuel tanks (CFTs) similar to the FAST Packs used on F-15E Strike Eagles will help increase the 2040C Eagle’s range without tanking up pylon space for larger drop tanks, which are typically slung in pairs underneath the wings of the aircraft, or on its centerline pylon station (underneath the fuselage).

Congress has even explored the possibility of restarting the F-22 production line as a means of augmenting their fleet of air superiority fighters, who may be charged with a variety of roles in both eastern Europe and along the periphery of Southeast Asia. For more information, feel free to visit this page:

Boeing’s New 2040C Eagle Commercial is Incredibly Badass!

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