British BL 18-inch Railway Howitzer

Oxford Hauls Out Things that Go Boom

Oxford’s 1:76 scale British BL 18-inch Railway Howitzer – “Gladiator” (1:76 Scale)

Every so often it takes the nudging of a customer to point out a new item that catches us completely unaware. Such is the case with Oxford’s upcoming British BL 18-inch Railway Howitzer, a beast if ever there was one, even if its being offered in a somewhat diminitive 1:76 scale (that’s OO Gauge for you railroad buffs). Apparently two versions are being offered: one in a monochrome green motif and dubbed “Gladiator”. The second is a more robust version, since its wedded to a two-piece locomotive set and painted in a multi-colored camouflage scheme.

Oxford’s 1:76 scale British BL 18-inch Railway Howitzer and Rod 2330 Locomotive Set – “Boche Buster” (1:76 Scale)

I guess the manufacturer is demonstrating a bit of a sense of humor since both products come with a “BOOM” prefix in their SKU. Be that as it may, we’re hoping to nab actual photos of both guns soon, since it was reported online that one has already arrived at the Oxford warehouse in Jolly Old England. Incidentally, a third variant of the railway gun is listed on the manufacturer’s site: “Boche Buster”, complete with digitally-enhanced sound effects. A nice feature to be sure, but one we think collectors might sidestep due to its ear-splitting asking price of $349.

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