Historical Brick Sets: What Say You? Yay or Nay?

Brickmania King Tiger

As a long time seller of preassembled diecast military memorabilia, we oftentimes watch with fascination some of the trends that grab the attention of collectors and would-be collectors. Over the last couple of years, one such curious change occurred with the proliferation of what we call “Historical Bricks”, which enables the end user to create vehicles, figures and dioramics rooted in history. I guess the trend took off with all of the Lego Star Wars sets, which command ever higher prices in the after market sales venues.

Lately, more and more manufacturers are getting into the creation of WWII-themed historical brick sets, which includes Lego’s Brickmania sets, Cobi and Oxford Blocks. In fact, some resourceful collectors have gone to great lengths cobbling together animated vignettes on YouTube and elsewhere using sets produced by said manufacturers. And, online reviews, such as the one shown above, go a long way towards explaining the features of each kit and why builders might want to consider them as potential add-ons.

So what’s your thoughts on the matter? Should we start selling these types of sets on our web site or should we remain focused on what we do best?

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