Corgi 60th Anniversary Collection

Corgi Hits the Big 6-0


Few companies can claim to being around 25 years, much less reaching the big 6-0. Yet British model maker, Corgi, has done just that, lighting and blowing out sixty candles on their birthday cake, one for every year of their existence. To celebrate the event, they are rolling out several commemorative aircraft, including two Battle of Britain era warbirds that helped protect the realm from Nazi aggression some 76 years ago.


The first up for your consideration is a RAF Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I fighter that was piloted by Squadron Leader Rupert ‘Lucky’ Leigh, who was attached to No.66 Squadron, then deployed to Gravesend, England, during September 1940 (AA39211).


Meanwhile the second portrays a RAF Hawker Hurricane Mk. 1 Fighter that was piloted by Sgt. J.H “Ginger” Lacey, who was attached to No.501 Squadron, also based at Gravesend, England during September 1940 (AA27603). Look for both aircraft, in specially designed commemorative packaging, some time in November.


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