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Everything Turns Out Ship Shape for DeAgostini

DeAgostini’s 1:1250 scale Warships of the World Collection grows by leaps and bounds this May

These days, there aren’t all that many companies making pre-assembled warships, so when we get news that more scale models are ready to put to sea, we get goose bumps and maybe some scurvy. Eight new 1:1250 WWII-era warships are setting sail this May, including the IJN battleship Kirishima, USS battleship Pennsylvania and USS Saratoga aircraft carrier, along with the Royal Navy’s HMS Anson, HMS King George V, HMS Vanguard, HMS Nelson and HMS Renown. We are currently awaiting photos for each of the replicas but have gone ahead and added them to our product portfolio so you can get your pre-orders submitted ahead of their arrival.

USS Saratoga, one of the earliest aircraft carriers to join the US Navy, makes an encore performance as a member of the DeAgostini navy
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Product Spotlight: Unternehmen Rheinubung


“Sink the Bismarck.”

– Prime Minister Winston Churchill, after learning of the demise of the battlecruiser, HMS Hood, May 1941

With so many product spotlights on some of the recently received aircraft, its refreshing to turn our focus to sea power now and again. One such exemplar of new warships available for sale is the DeAgostini 1:1250 scale replica of the Kriegsmarine’s DKM Bismarck.

The German battleship Bismarck is one of the most famous warships of the Second World War. The lead ship of her class, she was named after the 19th-century German chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Bismarck’s fame came from the Battle of the Denmark Strait in May 1941 (in which the battlecruiser HMS Hood, flagship and pride of the Royal Navy, was sunk), from Churchill’s subsequent order to “Sink the Bismarck”, and from the relentless pursuit by the Royal Navy that ended with her loss only three days later.

This formidable ship, the largest warship then commissioned, was intended primarily as a commerce raider, having a broad beam for stability in the rough seas of the North Atlantic and fuel stores as large as those of battleships intended for operations in the Pacific Ocean. Still, with eight 15 inch main guns in four turrets, substantial welded-armour protection and designed for a top speed of not less than 29 knots (she actually achieved 30.1 knots in trials in the calmer waters of the Baltic, an impressive speed when set against any comparable British battleship), Bismarck was capable of engaging any enemy battleship on reasonably equal terms. Her range of weaponry could easily decimate any convoy she encountered. The plan was for Bismarck to break through into the spacious waters of the North Atlantic, where she could refuel from German tankers and remain undetected by British and American aircraft, submarines and ships, while attacking the convoys.

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Its Ships Ahoy Courtesy of DeAgostini


Even though most companies seem to be on hiatus this time of year, that hasn’t prevented DeAgostini from dropping anchor at our port of call with six new warships. The half-dozen 1:1250 scale releases include the Royal Navy Nelson Class Battleship HMS Rodney (DGSW017), Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship, HMS Warspite (DGSW012), Royal Navy Class Heavy Cruiser HMS Exeter (DGSW013), Royal Navy Revenge Class Battleship HMS Ramillies (DGSW015), German Kriegsmarine Bismarck Class Battleship DKM Admiral Scheer DKM Tirpitz (DGSW018), and German Kriegsmarine Deutschland Class Heavy Crusier DKM Admiral Scheer (DGSW016).


Like their forebears, these ships are highly detailed and first rate, covering subjects no other model maker has dared to replicate in recent memory.

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Six More Ships Join the DeAgostini Fleet


Whether you’re a landlubber or ruler of the seas you’ll be happy to learn that six additional ships are being added to the growing fleet of DeAgostini 1:1250 warships. The six comprise four British and two German warships and include the HMS Warspite, HMS Ramillies, HMS Exeter and HMS Rodney, along with the Kriegsmarine’s Admiral Scheer and Tirpitz. Look for the latest squadron to weigh anchor some time in February.


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Land Ho! Another Model Maker Christens its Fleet


Great news for all you nautical buffs. We’ve learned that DeAgostini’s line of warships will be leaving port and making its way to our shipyard this September. Scaled at 1:1250 (which is slightly smaller than the Eaglemoss range), the DeAgostini collection examines some of the most iconic warships of the Second World War, with a little less emphasis on the Imperial Japanese Navy and more insight into some of the other ships and navies that sailed the high seas. Priced at just $21.99, these are going to make excellent stocking stuffers this holiday season!

The warships include US Navy Iowa Class Battleship – USS Missouri (BB-63) (#DGWS003), Imperial Japanese Navy Yamato Class Super Battleship – Yamato (#DGSW002), Royal Navy Ark Royal Class Aircraft Carrier – HMS Ark Royal (91) (#DGSW006), US Navy Pennsylvania Class Battleship – USS Arizona (BB-39) (#DGSW008), German Kriegsmarine Deutschland Class Heavy Cruiser – SMS Admiral Graf Spee (#DGSW007), German Kriegsmarine Scharnhorst Class Battleship – SMS Scharnhorst (#DGSW001), US Navy Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier – USS Hornet (CV-8) (#DGSW004), Royal Navy Renown Class Battlecruiser – HMS Repulse (#DGSW005), German Kriegsmarine Admiral Hipper Class Heavy Cruiser – SMS Prinz Eugen (#DGSW010), and US Navy Lexington Class Aircraft Carrier – USS Lexington (CV-2) (@DGSW009).

Best of all, each replica comes with a full-color, multi-page magazine (written in English, no less!), with the proposed series covering some sixty subjects in total.

DeAgostini Ships

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