DeAgostini Bellows, “Yo-Ho, It’s a Pirate’s Life For Me”


We close out the week with a rather intriguing product announcement – this May, we will be carrying our first ever set of Age of Sail warships. While not necessarily built-to-scale and crafted instead to accommodate a one-size-fits-all packaging, these fascinating replicas are nevertheless designed to bring the Age of Sail to life, smaller cousins, if you will, of some of the DeAgostini/Model Space warships you can build in weekly installments. These ships are already fully built, composed of plastic, yet offer such subtle details as cloth sails, wooden masts, and customized name plates. Priced at just $21.99 apiece, you can see why collectors are already singing swashbuckling songs in their honor!


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DeAgostini Gets Ship Shape for May


Admittedly, its been a little slow of late when it comes to announcing new products. So, when DeAgostini announced that a new squadron of 1:1250 scale warships were due to make port in May, we instantly sat up and took notice. Three new warships are scheduled to set sail, including the Kriegsmarine’s Bismarck as well as His Majesty’s Prince of Wales and Hood. Priced at just $21.99 apiece, these warships have been selling like hotcakes, and go a long way towards proving collectors are interested in diecast that sailed the high seas as much as they are interested in military vehicles and combat aircraft.

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DeAgostini Slips a Round Peg into a Square Hole


When we received the DeAgostini multi-scale Russian military aircraft range last year, there were a few notable absentees who failed to stand muster before our police line up. Of these, the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG 23 Flogger fighter (DARA21) was one of the most suspicious, a mainstay of the Russian air force for several decades boasting exceptionable qualities and characteristics. Fortunately, a remedy seems to be at hand, with stock expected of this 1:150 scale replica set to arrive some time in April. Priced at just $15.98, its a great way to fill in one of those ignominious holes in your collection, at least until the much larger Hobby Master rendition comes out this year.

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DeAgostini Opens the World up to the Land of the Rising Sun


Originally designed squarely for the Japanese market, DeAgostini is now expanding its reaches by offering its recently released modern era Japanese military series to other global markets. The series contains both 1:72 scale ground vehicles as well as 1:250 scale aircraft, which covers just about every aspect of warfighting on today’s battlefield, from self-propelled mortars and howitzers to AWACs aircraft.


All of these new introductions have been listed in their respective section on our web site and we expect to take delivery in early March.

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The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming!


It is with great pleasure that we announce the imminent arrival of a new line of military aircraft from DeAgostini. This new, multi-scale range traces the evolution of the Russian aircraft industry, with heavy emphasis on the aircraft that took to the skies during WWII and thereafter. Admittedly, its hard to wrap our heads around some on the scales portrayed (1:133, 1:81 or 1:180 to be specific), but as it was explained to us, the manufacturer decided to go with a multi-scale approach so that they could fit all of their introductions into a singular-sized box.


Frankly, at only $15.99 apiece, you really cannot go wrong with this line even if they aren’t designed to be paired with scale aircraft from other houses. And, there are several subjects that won’t likely be replicated by any other manufacturer any time soon. Keep them all on one shelf in your collection, and you’ll be glad you nabbed these little beauties!

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DeAgostini Ponders, “Fancy Yourself a Ship Builder?”


Every so often, when we receive word of an impending shipment, we troll the web in search of similar products our customers might be interested in. Yesterday, we learned that a new shipment of Eaglemoss warships were headed our way, which got us to thinking about some of their competitors in the warship space. In the case of DeAgostini, we discovered that they are offering a build-it-yourself, 1:250 scale version of the IJN aircraft carrier, Akagi. Measuring over a yard in length, and bearing incredible craftsmanship, this baby has got to be seen to be believed and will likely take several months to fully kit out.


For those of you looking to showcase their modelmaking capabilities, we invite you to view the accompanying video then pay a visit to the manufacturer’s web site at:

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DeAgostini Enlists in the Luftwaffe


Known for their wide range of entry-level lines, DeAgostini recently announced their intent to offer a new range of 1:72 scale German aircraft of World War II. Initially. the usual subjects will be covered, among them a Bf 109F-4, Fw 190A-6, and Bf 110E-1 fighter, as well as a Ju 87D-5 dive-bomber. Perhaps the most notable entrant will be a Me 210A-1 twin-engine fighter,  an offshoot of the early war Bf 110 that was intended to be more effective in combat yet never quite overcame its design deficiencies. Priced at only $19.99 apiece, these low cost yet feature-rich warplanes are an ideal way to jump start a scale aircraft armada and fill in some holes in your collection with subjects that have never been replicated.

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DeAgostini Finally Taking Wing

DS022We’re thrilled to report that our first gaggle of DeAgostini 1:144 scale military aircraft have taken off and are headed our way. This is in conjunction with a delivery of assorted 1:72 scale military vehicles rolling in from a different supplier. Both shipments should be in stock next week, and can still be counted on to make it onto Santa’s sled this holiday season.

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New Line: DeAgostini Military Aircraft

DeAgostini's 1:144 scale German Focke Wulf Fw 200C Heavy Bomber
DeAgostini’s 1:144 scale German Focke Wulf Fw 200C Heavy Bomber

We’re thrilled to announce the imminent arrival of DeAgostini 1:144 scale military aircraft. Much like the old IXO/Altaya range of military aircraft, the DeAgostini line is affordable yet chock full of features, making them wonderful stocking stuffers for the holiday season. Keep in mind that these planes are packaged in blister packs instead of the more traditional boxes, since they were originally designed to be bundled with a military-themed magazine based overseas. Nonetheless, for $20 a pop, you cant go wrong with any of these warbirds, in part because they replicate subjects no one else has done before. Get ’em while the getting is good!

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