Oxford Strafes the Competition

Oxford’s 1:72 scale Soviet Ilyushin IL-10 Ground Attack Aircraft

If you don’t mind waiting, you’ll eventually be able to add a Soviet Ilysuhin IL-10 ground attack aircraft to your aircraft collection (OXFAC093). Discussed at the recently concluded London Toy Fair and now posted to their web site, the IL-10 is an iconic WWII-era aircraft that laid waste to many German tanks, AFVs and soft-skinned vehicles then fighting against the Red Army on the Eastern Front during the latter stages of WWII. Its not clear exactly when the IL-10 — or the recently announced Boulton Paul Defiant fighter (OXFAC094) — will become available, but Oxford typically takes a year or more to actually release a new warbird after announcing it to aviation enthusiasts. Its not the best scenario if you’re looking to lay claim to either new aircraft in the not-too-distant future, but for $25 you cannot argue with either the price or its importance, given the state of things in the diecast hobby.

Oxford’s 1:72 scale RAF Boulton Paul Defiant Mk. I Night Fighter
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