Waltersons Mutters, “Mugsy, Take the Scenic Route”

Lately, it seems as though most of the new product announcements we are posting have one thing or another to do with Waltersons’ resurgent look at the Forces of Valor brand. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, particularly if their intent is to resurrect some of the oldies but goodies in the Forces of Valor product portfolio. Earlier today, as part of the run-up to the Nuremberg Toy Fair, the Company floated the idea of bringing back the deluxe diorama sets that were a part of their initial product mix way back in 2003, when the line was first introduced. I fondly remember ogling the sets at the American International Toy Fair held here in New York City, remarking to the distributor and owner how lifelike they looked and the degree they were prepared to support the hobby across all market segments.

Fourteen years later, and it now appears as if the new owners feel the same way, showcasing one of the now sold out scenics with an accompanying Tamiya 1:35 scale Challenger II main battle tank. If they do indeed move forward with the re-release of the dioramas, they will likely make some minor tweaks and improvements along the way, which may or may not affect the retail price, weight, packaging, etc. For now, we’re just happy that they are looking to bring them back in full force, which will no doubt be supplemented with additional dioramas featuring several of the new vehicles they’ve already hinted at coming to market in 2017. Enjoy!

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PMA Sets the Scene This Winter


Recently, we wrote how Precision Model Art (PMA) is releasing several new 1:72 scale 88mm FLaK guns, the first expected in early November, with two more liveries following in December. At the time, we were reluctant to reveal that the manufacturer is also coming out with several pre-built vignettes, largely because of their price and issues that can arise from not being able to modify these dioramas. As we see it, our job is to curate each range, and determine its feasibility within our overall product portfolio.


Anyway, for a limited time, our distributor has offered these same dioramas at somewhat reduced prices if ordered before November 15th. So, we’ve decided to list each of the five dioramas on our site to gauge consumer reaction, particularly during the holiday season. Keep in mind that these sets do not come with any of the vehicles or figures shown in the images, so customers have some latitude with how they want to populate these sets with any item they see fit.


Moreover, the Malinava Counter Attack Set E comes with street lamps that actually work, so you can display it as a night action. Its not clear if the set is battery operated or requires a plug-in outlet.


So, we will offer these sets at reduced prices until November 15th, then raise them up a bit should orders come in after that date. Enjoy! Note: As a special bonus, we are including a free Fabbri 1:72 scale diecast tank with each diorama ordered at no extra cost.


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