Drive, Shoot, Kill

Women may live by the creed, “eat, pray, love”, made famous by the bestselling novel and film which advocates adopting a spiritual existence, but guys think a bit differently in today’s day and age, particularly after a hard day at the office. Drivetanks,com, a Texas-based firm, offers would-be Brad Pitt tank commanders, not only the chance to drive a WWII-era tank across a predetermined course, but also the opportunity to fire its guns. The drive over private property requires you to meander up and down hills, ford shallow streams and negotiate brush-filled terrain all the while as an “enemy” takes aim and attempts to lay waste to your tank with mock shells and bullets. For an added cost, you can fire back at them, using any of the tank’s machine guns or even its main gun, making the ranch the only place on earth where a civilian can take out his or her wrath with real heavy duty ordnance. As this CNN reporter found out, you can also experience other forms of combat, including barbecuing a wooden target with a flame thrower, or trashing a wave of enemy soldiers with a bipod mounted machine gun.

For more inforamtion or sign up, visit this web site: DriveTanks

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