Modelcollect Takes Up the Defense of Germany with Their E-100 Series


While the German E-100 series has been modelled before in 1:72 scale (think the now defunct Panzerstahl), Modecollect is putting its own spin on the range by offering three takes on the “paper panzers”. To usher in the New Year, the Company posted three different images of the forthcoming vehicles, one showing an E-100 with 128mm main gun, a second depicting a “Krokodil” heavy tank destroyer and the third showcasing a FLaK gun.

No information has been disseminated concerning their price, although due to their size, they are likely going to be much more expensive than their previous efforts. Likewise, no delivery dates were posted, meaning they could still be several months off.

In other news, the manufacturer posted a picture of a second E-50 tank slated for 2017 and, more importantly, indicated they plan on tackling a Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte Super Heavy Tank, certainly one of the most ambitious projects facing both the German war planners as well as the modelmaker. Its possible a prototype could be ready in time for the upcoming Toy Fairs.

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