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Four More Warships Get Set to Join the Eaglemoss Fleet


November seems to be starting out with a bang as four new 1:1100 scale warships are being readied to join our growing fleet of Eaglemoss warships. According to our distributor, the newest squadron consists of the following ships:

Imperial Japanese Navy Asashio Class Destroyer – Asashio (EMGC51)

Royal Navy Dreadnought Class Battleship – HMS Dreadnought (EMGC52)

Imperial Japanese Navy Aoba Class Heavy Cruiser – Kinugasa (EMGC53)

Imperial Japanese Navy Fuso Class Battleship – Yamashiro (EMGC54)

We expect these, and a smattering of back ordered warships, by the end of the week.


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Thanksgiving is Shaping Up to Become Another Fleet Week


According to our distributor, a brand new squadron of Eaglemoss 1:1100 warships will be leaving port and headed our way around the third week of November. The five warships include Imperial Japanese Navy Shikishima Class Battleship – Shikishima (EMGC30), German Kriegsmarine Bismarck Class Battleship – KMS Tirpitz (EMGC31), Imperial Japanese Navy Kongo Class Battleship – Hiei (EMGC37), Imperial Japanese Navy Taiho Class Aircraft Carrier – Taiho (EMGC41) and Imperial Japanese Navy Mogami Class Heavy Cruiser – Mikuma (EMGC32). With Thanksgiving around the corner, we expect these fleet favorites to sell out quickly.

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Its Fleet Week Here in New York

EMGC49 Compilation

Ordinarily, Memorial Day weekend signals the start of Fleet Week, whereby several US Navy warships, Coast Guard cutters and patrol craft arrive at the port of New York City for a well-deserved respite from sea duty. To commemorate the event, we have loads of Eaglemoss Collection’s 1:1100 scale warships now in stock, ranging from stalwarts such as the IJN’s super-battleship Yamato to the recently arrived and oddly-designed HMS Nelson. Make sure to check out our entire collection of Eaglemoss warships, which typically sell out faster than we can replenish ’em.

Incidentally, World of Warships, a free, massively multiplayer online game has now entered alpha testing and should become available to everyone later this fall. Check it out at http://worldofwarships.com/

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