Eaglemoss Military Vehicles of the Second World War

“Military Vehicles, Mr. Rico. Zillions of ‘Em”

Eaglemoss 1:43 1939 Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen Typ 4 (G4) Limousine – Heer, Germany, 1939

We are about to be inundated in military vehicles. Lots of ’em. Drawn from a line in Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers, we have been informed that our shipment of Eaglemoss Military Vehicles of the Second World War are en route and expected early next week. Many of the 1:43 scale vehicles expected have been sold out for some time, while others have never graced our shelves, meaning a great many people have been waiting a very long time hoping to one day nab these military apparitions.

Eaglemoss 1:43 British Chevrolet C8A Heavy Utility Truck – Guards Armoured Division, Arnhem, Holland, 1944

Our Product in Transit page shows all of the vehicles contained in the shipment, so, if you are interested in adding your name to the list of hopefuls we strongly suggest you pre-order the vehicles as quickly as you can. It’s entirely feasible that this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, since they have already indicated they may not be able to obtain more of these vehicles for the foreseeable future.

Eaglemoss 1:43 German Kfz. 70 Krupp Protze L2HI43 6×4 Cargo Truck – Unidentified Unit, Poland, 1939
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Eaglemoss Lowers the Boom on the Competition

Eaglemoss’ 1:43 scale 1939 Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen Typ 4 (G4) Limousine – Heer, Germany, 1939

And the hits just keep on coming. Late this afternoon, one of our distributors informed us that many of the previously sold out 1:43 scale Eaglemoss military vehicles are returning to the battlefield this October, many of which were either available in very limited numbers or not at all. According to the literature, this will likely be a “come as you are party” meaning they will likely get only one shipment and no restocks. We are currently in the process of changing the status on those items listed in our Eaglemoss section from “Sold Out” to “Back Order” so you may place your orders as soon as possible.

Eaglemoss’ 1:43 scale German Sd. Kfz. 141 PzKpfw III Ausf. N Medium Tank – schwere Panzer Abteilung 503, Bogoduchow, Ukraine, 1943

If you previously ordered any of these vehicle but not got your order filled, we strongly recommend you contact us immediately to see if you would still like these items or perhaps add to your order. We will be placing our order with the distributor tomorrow, so we advise taking a look at the Eaglemoss section and your backs orders as soon as possible before we transmit our order.

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Where Eagle(moss) Dares

Eaglemoss 1:43 scale US Studebaker US6 (M16A) 6×6 2-1/2 Ton Truck – CIAB (Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade), Northampton, England, April 1944 returns to stock this July

We were pleasantly surprised to learn today that a cache of Eaglemoss 1:43 scale military vehicles was uncovered by one of our distributors. While several vehicles were already in stock and available for general sale, quite a few long out-of-stock vehicles were purportedly unearthed, and should be back in stock some time this summer. Vehicles of note that are returning to stock include:

EM010 – German Sd. Kfz. 141 PzKpfw III Ausf. L Medium Tank – 16.Infanterie Division (Motorized), Voronezh, Russia, 1942

EM014 – US Army Dodge WC 63 6×6 1-1/2 Ton Truck – 704th Tank Destroyer Battalion, Arracourt, France, 1944

EM031 – US Studebaker US6 (M16A) 6×6 2-1/2 Ton Truck – CIAB (Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade), Northampton, England, April 1944

EM044 – German Sd. Kfz. 15 Horch Command Car – 4.Panzer Division, Radzymin, Poland, 1944

EM045 – US Army GMC CCKW 353 6×6 2-1/2 Ton Workshop Truck – Vehicle 3, 3886 Transport Company, Advance Section Communications Zone, Cherbourg, France, 1944

EM055 – German Sd. Kfz. 251/8 Krankenpanzerwagen Armored Ambulance – schwere Panzer Abteilung 501, Sidi Bou Zid, Tunisia, 1943

Big and beefy, look for this hard-to-find US Army GMC CCKW 353 6×6 2-1/2 Ton Workshop Truck to roll in this summer

Also, soon-to-be-available are EM080 and EM081, a Sd.Ah.116 Tank Transporter and a Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. G Medium Tank from the 14.Panzer Division respectively, which we believe were intended as gifts for subscribing to the partworks series. Neither vehicle comes with an acrylic case, but they do serve as nice supplements to the series, and an attractive set when paired together.

Although no case is included for either model, EM080 and EM081 make a handsome set, particularly when displayed together


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Eaglemoss Gives Us a Head Fake Then Heads for the Hoop

We’ve been waiting patiently for the July shipment of Eaglemoss 1:43 scale products to arrive, which was expected earlier this month. However, we’ve just learned that the nineteen vehicles have been delayed a bit, although hopefully not for too long. Conversely, several vehicles that were slated to arrive in August were apparently pushed up and received by our distributor, which are now en route to us as we speak. Likewise, some of the Fabrri 1:72 scale vehicles are also being sent to us, although a handful of others have been shunted to the August window. We apologize for these “mid-course corrections” and will do our utmost to get these out the door the moment they arrive.

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