Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships Collection

Eaglemoss Sticks Out Its Neck With its Latest Starship

Eaglemoss’ Star Trek Excelsior Class Starship – USS Excelsior Prototype MK1 [With Collector Magazine]

We were under the impression that only ships-of-the-line and other noteworthy vessels that appeared in Star Trek films or televised series were to be included in the standard starships line and that experimental craft would make up their separate exclusives range. Apparently the lines are being blurred somewhat as Eaglemoss continues to dig ever deeper into the Star Trek universe to come up with even more out-of-this-world additions.

That said, their 152nd entrant in the series represents the USS Excelsior Prototype MK1, an Excelsior class starship in service from the late 23rd to (at least the last quarter of) the 24th century. Originally dubbed the “Great Experiment”, Excelsior was the first Starfleet ship fitted with transwarp drive (EMST0152). Though the “experiment” apparently failed, the vessel played a role in the historic Khitomer Accords and became the prototype for Excelsior-class heavy cruisers, serving the front lines of Federation exploration and defense efforts until the end of the 24th century.

Look for the Excelsior to put its neck on the line later this year.

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Exasperated, Eaglemoss Exhorts, “Well, then Go Build Your Own ‘D’amned Enterprise”

Its a wonderful thing to own the license to one of the most successful sci-fi brands of all times. So much so, that Eaglemoss, the maker of the Star Trek Starships range and other sub brands within the Star Trek universe, now plans on releasing a build-it-yourself version of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. Released bi-weekly, each installment will include a separate section of the Enterprise, which will have to be fitted together to previous installments if you hope to get it right. Composed of diecast metal with some plastic parts, the finished ship will light up and measure some 70 centimeters in length and represents an amalgam of different studio-inspired ships rather than one particular version of the NCC-1701-D. Thus far, the line will be exclusive to the UK, but you can bet that if it takes off, the build-it-yourself line will be made available elsewhere around the world and likely encompass other starships. For more information on the newest sub brand in the Eaglemoss stable, head on over to Memory Alpha.

Rumor has it that there will be 100 installments priced at around $15.00 apiece bringing the total to around $1500. That’s a lot of Latinum so if you plan on headed down this road, its important you consider the cost before taking the plunge.

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Star Trek for a Starry Night

Eaglemoss Star Trek Federation Cardenas Class Starship – USS Buran NCC-1412

Now that our Eaglemoss shipments have resumed, we’re starting to receive updates concerning their many Star Trek lines almost on a daily basis. Currently, a number of long out-of-stock standard sized starships are warping their way to us, all expected to make port around the end of November.

Beyond that, there are a multitude of new ships slated for a December release, covering everything from their Discovery series to their over-sized XL line. We cannot say for certain if all of the ships will make it in time for the holidays but at least its refreshing to know that product is back in the pipeline with even more new items scheduled for a January and February roll out.

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Eaglemoss Extends its 5-Year Mission in the Star Trek Universe

Eaglemoss’ Special Edition No. 15: Star Trek Earth Spacedock [With Collector Magazine]

Michael Curran, a member of the Facebook Eaglemoss Star Trek Fan Group, reported on the following product announcements direct from Ben Robinson of Eaglemoss:

Next XL ships:

XL11: Discoprise
XL12: Akira Class
XL13: Klingon BOP
XL14: Runabout
XL15: Excelsior Class

SP15: Spacedock
SP16: V’Ger
SP17: Doomsday Machine
SP18: Scimitar

Bonus Ships:
USS Emmet Till – Ezris Ship (DS9 Season8)

Regular Issue Ships:
141: Vulcan T’Pau
142: Promellian Battle Cruiser
143: Merchantman
144:Tin Man (Gomtuu)
145: Nightingale

Other ship news:

Insurrection ships.
Ben said, “They are committed to rebuilding them, and hope to have them out in the next 18 months and hopefully sooner.”

We’ve already listed regular issue ships 141-144 on our web site, and hope to have the other new products up on our web site next week once preliminary images have been provided.

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Eaglemoss Doesn’t Clown Around at this Year’s Comic Con

With Comic Con set to open tomorrow here in New York City, Eaglemoss unveiled some of the Star Trek collectibles they’ll be hawking at the show. Of particular note is this show-exclusive replica of the USS Grisom NCC-1030 drawn from the Star Trek Discovery cable series. Offered in limited numbers and roughly the same size as the USS Discovery NCC-1031, this snazzy little number will no doubt be snapped up the moment it drops out of hyperspace, so we’re a little envious of anyone that does manage to wrap their meaty little paws around this ship.

Presently, we aren’t sure if our distributor will be obtaining this highly coveted collectible since news regarding its release seems to remain mum for the moment and product originally slated to arrive months ago keeps getting delayed. We’ll certainly keep an eye on this one and formally announce its availability should it pull into our space dock in time for the holidays..

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Eaglemoss Adds Six New Exclusives to their Star Trek Stable

Six new Eaglemoss exclusives were announced on Facebook, meaning you’ll need a bigger curio cabinet to hold them all, and a fatter wallet.

In a rather surprising move, Eaglemoss is priming the pumps by coming out with six more exclusive ships in their rapidly expanding standard-sized Star Trek starships series. The six new bonus (chase) exclusives include:

Rick Sternbach’s Federation USS Voyager Concept

Klingon Bird-of-Prey configured in a landing position

Federation Odyssey Class Starship – USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F

Federation Bonaventure Class Starship – USS Bonaventure (10281NCC)

Doug Drexler’s Federation Voyager Concept – USS Altair

Federation Assimilated USS Voyager

We’re of the opinion that they will most likely get released in staggered fashion over the course of the summer and fall, thereby giving people enough time to recharge their wallets if they are looking to collect all six ships. Naturally, each will come with a full-color collector magazine and will likely be sought after by Trekies world over.

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Eaglemoss Extends its Five-Year Journey in the Star Trek Universe

Eaglemoss’ Star Trek Federation Yeager Class Starship – USS Yeager NCC-65674. Like its predecessors, expect it to come with a handsome, full-color collector magazine.

Its beginning to look as if Eaglemoss views a black hole as nothing more than a well it can keep priming to churn out an ever staggering array of Star Trek products. While we have no problem with this strategy, we can only wonder how long they can continue to maintain this course in the Neutral Zone, returning to Star Base only when the well has finally run dry.

Anyway, the 122nd starship in their standard-sized Star Trek range was unveiled yesterday: a Yeager class starship named, rather appropriately, the USS Yeager, no doubt paying homage to USAF test pilot, General Chuck Yeager. We’ve heard that the series has been extended to 160 starships, meaning another trip to Ikea just to obtain more display cabinets may be in order.

We’ve also learned that their newly minted Star Trek Discovery collection will include several over-sized starships, much like their Star Trek XL collection. Typically, these ships measure around 9-inches in length and come with a bit more detail than their lilliputian counterparts. Frankly, if you’re looking to collect every single ship in the Eaglemoss Star Trek universe, expect to lay out several hundred bucks each month just to keep up.

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Product Spotlight: When Titans Fall

Eaglemoss” Star Trek Federation Luna Class Starship – USS Titan NCC-80102

We’ve had incredible success with the Aventine, a previously convention exclusive starship from Eaglemoss that was broadened for general distribution and arrived over a week or so. For those of you unfamiliar with the replica, The Aventine (STCON03) came about as a result of a write-in petition from Trekkies worldwide, and is now part of the manufacturer’s expanded universe series.

Another ship previously released in limited numbers and only available at Comic Con is the USS Titan (STCON02), which we hear will also be nade available in larger numbers and is expected some time in January. We’re going to do our best to maintain inventory on the Aventime so that the two can be shipped out together but cannot guarantee this strategy will work given current demand. So, if you are interested in amassing every single ship in the collection, we strongly suggest getting the Aventine now and placing a pre-order for the Titan which we will process and ship out the moment we receive them.

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Boldly Adventure on the Aventine!

Eaglemoss’ Star Trek Federation Vesta Class Starship – USS Aventine NCC-82602

As promised, we now have a cache of the convention exclusive Star Trek starship, the USS Aventine. For those unfamiliar with the starship, the USS Aventine is a first generation Vesta-class starship that was commissioned in 2380 and was the second starship of her class to be completed. Originally commanded by Captain Dexar, command of the Aventine was given to Lieutenant Commander – and subsequently promoted to Captain – Ezri Dax after Captain Dexar and his First Officer, Commander Tovak were killed in combat with a Borg Sphere near Acamar. The Second Officer took command of the ship and was able to get it to safety. Two weeks later, Lieutenant Commander Dax was promoted to Captain and given permanent command.

The ship comes bundled with a full-color collector magazine, and has been eagerly sought after ever since it surfaced at the recent Comic-Con convention in New York. This one will likely sell out fast, so place your orders as soon as possible to guarantee delivery before the holidays.

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Eaglemoss Puts the Star(s) in Star Trek

Eaglemoss’ Special Edition No. 8: Star Trek Constitution Class Cruiser – USS Franklin NCC-1743 [With Collector Magazine]
Star Trek Beyond was easily one of the best feature length Star Trek films, combining great storytelling with imaginative graphics and superb acting. That said, we are proud to have finally taken delivery of two of the ships portrayed in the film: a Constitution class cruiser, USS Franklin NCC-1743 (STSP08), and its nemesis, an Altamid Swarm ship (STSP09).

Eaglemoss’ Special Edition No. 9: Star Trek Altamid Swarm Ship [With Collector Magazine]
Both are part of the Eaglemoss Special Edition series, meaning they are larger than a standard-sized star ship and made in far fewer numbers. We are already starting to run low on both of these exciting releases and we are not sure if they will be restocked and if so, when, considering many of the earlier Special Edition releases are still on back order with no sign of their return to the Neutral Zone.

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