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Before we head off on vacation, I just wanted to share an interesting bit of news with you that you may find fascinating. While the global stock markets may be off to one of their rockiest starts in recent history, its nice to see that it hasn’t had a material impact on certain segments of the collectible industry, particularly highly desirable diecast items. Take, for instance, the Dragon Cyber Hobby Otto Carius Tiger tank that is packed in a metal tin with a collector card (DRR60120) and is no longer available through normal sales channels. Released way back in 2004 for a paltry $49.99, this item has steadily risen in value, far exceeding all expectations even we placed on this item when we started to hike its asking price. Recently on eBay, an example of this item, admittedly with the now deceased panzer ace’s signature emblazoned on the packaging, fetched a whopping $700 overseas, or more precisely 14 times what it originally sold for in just eleven years. Not bad when things seem topsy turvy on the financial scene…

Ottos Carius Auction

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