English Electric Lightning

Corgi Takes a Bold Step for 2017


These days, it isn’t often when Corgi decides to take a gamble and invest in new tooling, particularly when they seem more comfortable taking a safer route with their older molds. However, with the debut of the 2017 catalog, it would appear as if they are doing just that by upscaling their English Electric Lightning jet fighter that’s been a hit with collectors for several years running. According to their web site, a 1:48 scale F.6 Lightning fighter is currently under development, although details concerning its feature list are still rather sketchy (AA28401). Since no image was posted on their web site or in their catalog, we are led to believe its still a ways off, likely expected towards the end of 2017. In any event, this could be a watershed moment in Corgi’s history, as they look to explore the feasibility of offering larger versions of previously released warbirds.

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