Hobby Master F-35 Lightning II

Hobby Master Paints a Portrait of a Summertime Lightning Storm

Hobby Master displays a quartet of upcoming Lockheed F-35A Joint Strike Fighter covering four different air forces

Say what you will about the oft maligned Lockheed F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter. Hobby Master obviously holds a different opinion, offering four liveries to choose from this summer that should keep even the most ardent critics more than satisfied. Shown in the upper left hand of this montage is a F-35I “Adir” that served with the Israeli Air Force in 2016 (HA4410). Next, is a Royal Australian Air Force F-35A JSF that entered service with the country earlier this year (HA4411). In the bottom right hand position we have a F-35A that was accepted into service by the Japanese Air Self Defense Force last August (HA4412) and finally we have a USAF F-35A that was attached to the 34th Fighter Squadron, 388th Fighter Wing, which is currently based at Lakenheath, England (HA4413). The montage shows, in visual form, just how many nations are accepting the F-35 into active service to replace their own aging fleets of fourth generation aircraft, with other nations also selecting the F-35 over other possible candidates.

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