Hobby Master M60A1 Patton Tanks

Patton Would be Proud

Hobby Master’s trio of long overdue M60A1 Patton tanks. The Three Musketeers include a US, Israeli and Austrian versions.

If you were sitting on the fence concerning Hobby Master’s upcoming trio of M60A1 Patton tanks, well then we recommend you hop off right now. Earlier today, the manufacturer released images for all three vehicles expected this fall: one represents a US M60A1 with a Reliability Improved Selected Equipment (RISE) IR/White Light Spotlight (HG5601), an Israeli variant (HG5602) and finally an Austrian Army version that served under NATO command during the post-war period (HG5603). Frankly, all three are downright gorgeous, although we know the top nod will go to both the US and Israeli versions. We aren’t sure how many vehicles were produced by Hobby Master, but we get the impression these are going to be snapped up quickly given their realistic appearance and lack of anything new from the Hobby Master motor pool in quite some time.

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