Namer Overcomes Its First Obstacles


The Israeli Namer, an indiginously-built armored personnel carrier designed in part from the Merkava main battle tank, passed its first series of hurdles, taking on berms and other ground obstacles to perform its intended missions. Large and quite heavy for an APC, the Namer incorporates the Trophy Active Protection System (APS) on certain command and control and engineering versions. According to Defense News, “Trophy is designed to neutralize all types of chemical energy threats in flight, from rocket-propelled grenades to high-explosive rounds and tandem warhead anti-tank guided missiles. The system provides 360-degree protection against multiple launchings “while maintaining a pre-defined safety zone for friendly dismounted troops,” according to Rafael marketing data.”

What makes the test so important is that a version of Trophy will likely be integrated into future land combat systems for the US Army, enabling nearby troops operating alongside the vehicles some measure of protection in a hostile combat environment.

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