Iron Dome

New Line: Panzerkampf



Evey so often, a new line of diecast military vehicles seems to pop up on the radar screen that catches us completely by surprise. One such brand is Panzerkampf, a new Chinese company that seems to be offering several subjects that no one else has done before such as a three-piece Israeli Iron Dome missile defense shield set. It would appear as if they plan to offer a T-14 Armata main battle tank too as well as a T-15 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, the core of the new armored forces currently being fielded by Russia.


Now here’s the rub. We’ll be posting all of this information on Friday since its my youngest daughter’s wedding day today, which obviously takes precedence over any new product information. We hope you join us in the celebration and I know you can wait just one more day before we shed further light on this new manufacturer and their interesting mix of products.

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