IS-7 Heavy Tank

Panzerstahl Gets the Lead Out

PS89006 Compilation

As part of their all-new collaboration with the World of Tanks online gaming system, Panzerstahl not only acknowledged work on their upcoming IS-7 heavy tank, but actually posted a picture of it on their web site. Expected some time in October, the IS-7 heavy tank (PS89006) was tested by the Russian military establishment in 1948 but was soon bypassed in favor of other tank designs that were also being examined. Nevertheless, the IS-7 incorporated some important design aspects, which included a rounded turret that became commonplace among subsequent tank designs and can even be found on Russia’s latest armored fighting vehicles.

In other news, Panzerstahl claims that the E-100 Krokodil heavy tank destroyer is available, which means our distributor should be receiving their shipment shortly.

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