Italeri Claims Its Time for an Air Show


Italian-based, Italeri, has plans to release 14 new 1:100 scale helicopters and aircraft this coming February. Many are based upon aircraft that fly with leading aerobatic teams, while others conjure up vivid scenes in recently-released movies, such as the AgustaWestland AW101 helicopter used in the James Bond feature-film, Skyfall. Happily, the new batch of aircraft will come packaged in more secure outer boxes, which, naturally enough, means you’ll have to cough up another $2 apiece to get a more appealing finished look. Still, at $14 a model, these models can’t be beat, in many cases offering subject matter no one else has offered.

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Italeri Continues to Build Out is Fleet


With the first batch of aircraft now in our possession comes news that a second aerial armada is slated for a May arrival. Nine new aircraft types are among the mix, including two new helicopters, a UCAV, multi-colored Pakistani fighter and several cutting edge weapons platforms.


All of the aircraft have now been added to our site and we expect brisk sales for these inexpensive favorites.

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New Line: Italeri Dreamwings Collection


Astute collectors will be happy to learn that we are now stocking Italeri’s line of 1:100 scale combat aircraft. Nine manned fixed and rotary wing aircraft comprise the initial mix as well as a 1:72 scale rendition of the Predator drone. All ten aircraft are expected later this month, each carrying a price tag of just $11.95.

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