Luft-X Heads Back to the Drawing Board

The fundamental mission behind the creation of Luft-X is to offer up several of the more exotic aircraft that was under development by the Luftwaffe at the closing stages of WWII. It is therefore a tad ironic that their upcoming Horten Ho 229 fighter-bomber is being wheeled back to its hangar for a new coat of paint, one that is more in keeping with its historic roots and color plates. The new scheme has an earthy look to it (see above), likely treated so it could blend in with trees and other fauna if it was to operate from roadways and rural areas, while its original scheme had a more dazzling look to it (see below).


Their next pair of aircraft are expected in mid August.

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Secret Projects Abound at Luft-X


Earlier this week, we were disappointed to learn that the next pair of Luft-X secret weapons aircraft were being delayed until July. Today, however, we learned that three more aircraft are winging their way off the drawing board and into collector’s homes around the September-October time frame. The trio include a German Messerschmitt Me 329 Fighter (#LUFT005), a German Blohm und Voss P.209.02 Fighter (LUFT006) and a German Focke-Wulf Ta 283 Interceptor (LUFT007). Priced at just $34.99, the Luft-X aircraft were an immediate hit with aviation buffs world wide and the introduction of three more secret weapons of the Luftwaffe will be welcome news to all.

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Luft-X Calls Up Two More Exotic Warbirds


Earlier today, we were informed that newcomer Luft-X will be producing another pair of secret weapons of the Luftwaffe intended for a February release. One will be a Ho 229 fighter bomber, while the second is a Focke Wulf Triebflugel Interceptor.


Constructed out of resin and bearing exacting detail, Luft-X has quickly positioned itself as a dominant force to be reckoned with, willing to take chances by offering replicas of some of the more exotic aircraft of WWII.

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Introducing Luft-X


Earlier today we learned of a brand-new line of scale military aircraft called Luft-X. As its name implies, Luft-X is focusing on some of the experimental aircraft the Luftwaffe was developing towards the end of World War II as a means of drawing parity with the Allied air forces. Two subjects are expected by year’s end: a Gotha Go P.60A All-Wing Fighter (#Luft001) and a Blohm & Voss Bv P.210 Fighter (#Luft002).


Both 1:72 scale aircraft come with display stands and a collectible card, which explains the history and developmental work that went into each creation. Considering their relatively inexpensive cost, this line is an ideal way of filling in some of the holes found in most aircraft enthusiast’s aviation collection. Pre-orders are now being accepted.

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