M1070 Tank Transporter

Panzerkampf Believes What’s Old is New Again

Several years back, TWH, which makes a wide range of 1:50 scale construction models, offered up a subset of military vehicles under their Sword Models moniker. One of the most popular vehicles they developed was a US Army Oshkosh M10 tank transporter, which, when coupled with a 1:43 scale M1 Abrams tank sitting atop a M1000 flat bed, made for an excellent display set that made many collectors “green” with envy. We sold loads of these sets, both in the traditional tri-color camouflage pattern and a sun-baked desert motif, until our supplies quickly ran out and collectors had to seek them out in the after market venues.

Yesterday, we learned that Panzerkampf will soon be releasing a 1:72 scale version of the M1070 tank transporter, which can obviously be used with a wide range of 1:72 scale modern era military vehicles. As is customary with Panzerkampf, they will likely create several schemes besides the one shown here, and quite possibly offer them in the liveries of other user nations. We don’t as yet have a price for this item nor do we know for sure when they will be motoring on down the highway. So, for now, these pictures will have to do until everything gets firmed up and we can begin to open up the pre-order window. Pretty sharp, huh?

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