Mercedes-Benz Typ 4

Eaglemoss Goes Off-Roading


Thus far, Eaglemoss 1:43 scale Military Vehicles of the Second World War series has been confined to those subjects we typically see on the battlefield. However, their seventieth introduction changes things up a bit, by offering a field grey version of the Mercedes-Benz W31 Type 4 parade limousine (EM070). For those of you still searching for the long sold out grey and white Francisco Franco version by Minichamps, this entry should serve as an excellent stop gap measure, perhaps better representing the ignominious “Grey Column” that toured the streets of Germany during the run up to WWII. While the Eaglemoss version is bereft of the side-mounted pennants and swastikas, it does comes complete with rolled up bullet proof windows. Priced at just $21.99 as compared with the Minichamps version, which is fetching four times that amount, you simply cannot go wrong with this vehicle.

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