Time to Check the Weight Limits of Your Curio Cabinet

We’re getting closer folks. Modelcollect’s 1:72 scale Ratte could become a reality by mid 2018.

Admittedly, Modelcollect has been hinting at doing a 1:72 scale interpretation of the German P.1000 super heavy tank for some time, even if the concept is nothing more than a fanciful whim that couldn’t possibly have rolled onto the WWII battlefield no matter its sponsor. So, even though its been languishing on the development back burners for what seems like an eternity, it now appears as if this prolific model maker has once again picked up the gauntlet in an effort to get this monster off the drawing board and into collectors hands world over.

According to their most recent Facebook posting, the Ratte is “back on track” and, at least from a model kit standpoint, is tentatively penciled in for a Jan/Feb 2018 release. It still isn’t clear if the Company will offer up this beast in pre-assembled form and, if so, when and for how much. We’re betting that with all of the time, energy and resources sunk into this project that it will be unleashed in a finalized state a few months later, likely offered in multiple configurations to fit the occasion. We’re not going to even speculate how much a finished Ratte might fetch, its weight or overall features. Right now, we’ll drool along with the rest of you as we ogle this marketing billboard and keep a careful eye on upcoming bulletins to gauge its status.

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ModelCollect Fires Up the Weapons Carriers

ModelCollect’s 1:72 scale German E-100 Panzer Weapons Carrier with Rheintochter 1 Surface-to-Air Missile

While its not clear if there was any true classification for a weapons carrier within the German Army’s framework, that hasn’t stopped ModelCollect from stoking the fires of imagination and offering their own spin on the late war panzers. Earlier today, two new vehicles were introduced into the ModelCollect lineup: the first a E-100 Panzer Weapons Carrier with 128mm Gun (AS72078) and the second a E-100 Panzer Weapons Carrier with a Rheintochter 1 Surface-to-Air Missile (AS72079). 

ModelCollect’s 1:72 scale Soviet T-64AV Main Battle Tank with Explosive Reactive Armor

Furthermore, two more Russian battle tanks were added to their arsenal: the former a Soviet T-64AV Main Battle Tank with ERA (AS72081) while the latter being a T-80UD Main Battle Tank (AS72080). We anticipate delivery some time in November, making them great stocking stuffers for the holiday season.

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Modelcollect Fires Off a Salvo of Tempting FLaK Artillery

You should have no trouble warding off enemy aircraft with this German Flak40 128mm Zwillingsflak Anti-Aircraft Gun

Sure, Modelcollect has churned out enough T-72/T-80 main battle tanks to fill up an armored museum, but that doesn’t mean they’re leaving everyone high and dry on the WWII battlefield. Besides their German Flak40 128mm Zwillingsflak anti-aircraft gun (AS72071), which is designed to sit atop a FLaK tower, the Company has also announced plans to offer a German 12.8cm Flak40 Anti-Aircraft Gun with Kreuzlafette (AS72076), which is essentially a larger version of the famed 88mm FLaK gun affixed to a cruciform mount.

Modelcollect’s second artillery pieces portrays a German 12.8cm Flak40 Anti-Aircraft Gun with Kreuzlafette

The manufacturer claims it is already in stock, although only a line art drawing has been posted to their web site. Nevertheless, the new model demonstrates their eagerness to fill a void in the military space, which has thus far been served by only a handful of accurate replicas.

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Modelcollect Hypothesizes A Strange War-Mongering Future

Chinese modelmaker, Modelcollect, has never been one to shy away from a risky project, churning out a steady diet of unique subjects that other companies seem to sidestep. That said, their latest venture has us a bit baffled, since it seems to stray far from the beaten trail into no-man’s land.

Recently, the company unveiled CAD pix for a new line dubbed Fists of War, which seems to combine familiar WWII-era weapons systems with science fiction. As you can see from the accompanying pictures, one item features what appears to be a King Tiger Ausf. B. Henschel turret and chassis with a multi-legged means of getting around. We aren’t sure if Fists of War is a home grown sci-fi system or one licensed from another company, since we haven’t been able to locate any information on it on the web.

Frankly, we aren’t sure how many of our customers are interested in this new range and how it fits within our present product portfolio, more rooted in historical fact than fiction. As more information is disseminated, we will likely list these items on our site as special order merchandise, meaning we will bring in product only to fill any orders we receive.

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Modelcollect Calls Out the Cadence: “This is My Rifle, this is My Gun”

Modelcollect’s upcoming 1:72 scale German Flak40 128mm Zwillingsflak Anti-Aircraft Gun

As part of their burgeoning World War II era collection, Modelcollect has added a number of new 1:72 scale products in recent weeks, many of which have never been produced by any other publisher. Take, for instance, this handsome German Flak40 128mm Zwillingsflak Anti-Aircraft Gun (AS72071), routinely founded guarding sensitive areas in the Reich and atop several of the immense Flak Towers located in the heart of Germany and Austria. The Company is already offering a kit-based model of the FLak Tower still in existence in Hamburg, so its anyone’s guess if they will also produce it in pre-assembled form and potentially with crew-served figures.

Modelcollect’s German Jagdpanzer E-100 “Salamander” Heavy Tank Destroyer

Also up for review is this monstrous Jagdpanzer E-100 “Salamander” super heavy tank destroyer (AS72070), something of a conjectural “paper panzer” that never made it off the drawing board yet could have just as easily seen battle had the war dragged on into 1946. Part of the Entwicklung series of standardized panzers the German war planners were working on, the “Salamander” could have easily fended off some of the heavy tanks and destroyers the Allies were fielding at the start of 1945. Goes perfectly with some of the other “paper panzers” that have formed the backbone of their World War II era series.

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ModelCollect Explains Why “It Just Figures”

Judging by a recent posting on their Facebook page, it would appear as if ModelCollect will soon be offering a litany of pre-painted and pre-posed military figures. Shown alongside a 1:72 scale tank, the first set of figures look to represent Russian infantry, complete with gear and weaponry. If so, this marks another departure for this Chinese model maker, who has steadily built an impressive array of pre-built as well as model kits cutting across a number of eras. No further information was posted on their site, so we are guessing actual SKUs, pricing and dates of availability will be disseminated shortly.

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Modelcollect Demonstrates its Prowess with the V-1

A few weeks ago, we laid out our case explaining why we believed Modelcollect has become the predominant player in the 1:72 scale military vehicle space, outpacing both Dragon and Hobby Master in terms of detail and subject matter. While we are still awaiting information concerning their upcoming P.1000 Ratte mega tank, we learned today that another project may have stolen its thunder, whetting the appetite of collectors until the Ratte takes center stage.

Modelcollect posted images on Facebook concerning their V-1 “Doodlebug” V-1 flying bomb (AS72068), which even come bundled with a scale launch ramp. It would appear as if the ramp will come in five sections, which, when placed end-to-end, should measure at least two feet in length. Despite not being professionally photographed, the accompanying images shows the “lengths” with which the Company is going to nose out the pack, and the range of subjects they plan to tackle to maintain their momentum.

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The King is Dead: Long Live the New King?

Modelcollect’s Rheintochter 1 surface-to-air missile may appear strange and unfamiliar, but serves as a testament to the lengths with which the Company is prepared to go to assume the diecast throne

For the better part of the 21st Century, most collectors of scale armor would agree that Dragon produces the best array of 1:72 scale armored fighting vehicles. Sure, there have been contenders for the crown as well as a few drop outs along the way, but Dragon, barring a few dry years in which models were promised but never delivered, was seen by many as the king of the diecast battlefield.

Despite its longstanding run on the throne, Dragon may have to hand over the crown shortly to Modelcollect, still a relative newcomer to the armored ranks, who has, nonetheless, quietly built a stable of high quality diecast replicas that have reignited passion in the hobby and moved the ball forward where others continually fumbled. Where Dragon seems content to churn out the usual diet of WWII vehicles, Modelcollect has dabbled in the more obtuse subjects, releasing a wondrous array of less familiar subjects that have garnered respect and admiration from the community. 

In recent months, they have offered all manner of mobile missile launchers and other transporters in model kit form, which will no doubt be ported over to the pre-assembled market. In the meantime, they have also cranked out a number of intricately detailed pre-assembled models, and stand ready to deliver more this summer. We’ve already posted information on their upcoming E-100 series of armor, and today we learned that they will also be offering a Rheintochter 1 surface-to-air mobile missile launcher set atop an E-100 chassis (AS72062). There’s a good bet that the Rheintochter will also be wedded to both their E-50 and E-75 chassis, making it available in three different forms. We are also awaiting news concerning their Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte mega tank, something the German Waffenamt never seriously considered as a weapon of war due to its immense size.

Anyway, keep a careful eye on Modelcollect as it continues to build out its order-of-battle and looks to become the de facto king of diecast armor.



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ModelCollect Keeps Churning out Their Favorite Models

Drawn from today’s headlines, ModelCollect has wasted no time replicating this modified T-72 tank from the Syrian Civil War

In a bid to produce models based upon every conceivable version, variant and livery of the Russian-built T-72 and T-90 tanks, ModelCollect has announced three more examples of these ignominious vehicles. As far as the T-72 goes, they have announced a Syrian T-72BM Main Battle Tank with Kontakt-1 ERA which was deployed to Aleppo, Syria, in 2016 (AS72054). The T-90 gets two new flavors as well: the first is a Russian T-90MS Main Battle Tank – Nizhny Tagil Arms Expo, Russia, 2012 (AS72056) while the latter is a Russian T-90MS Main Battle Tank – Weapons Show, Desert Camouflage, 2014 (AS72060). This is now the 15th look at the T-72 from the eyes of ModelCollect, which means they have certainly gotten their money’s worth out of the tooling.

Armored enthusiasts can look forward to two more T-90 replicas, putting it contention with ModelCollect’s T-72 tank for the most prolific number of models offered
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Modelcollect Tackles Germany’s Paper Panzers


Modelcollect breathes life into Germany’s vaunted “paper panzers”. The first is a German Flakpanzer E-100 Anti-Aircraft Gun

“[Hitler overestimated] the importance of [technology]. As a result, he would count on a mere handful of assault-gun detachments or the new Tiger tanks to restore situations where only large bodies of troops could have any prospect of success.”

– German Field Marshal Erich von Manstein

No stranger to offering scale WWII replicas, ModelCollect has quietly picked up the mantle that now defunct Panzerstahl threw down a few years back when they began modelling some of the proposed German vehicles still languishing on the drawing boards. Two intriguing models are expected this summer: the first is a humongous Flakpanzer E-100 Anti-Aircraft Gun  (AS72057) while the second is a German E-100 heavy tank with a 128mm main gun (AS72063).

Also slated for a July release is this massive E-100 heavy tank with 128mm main gun

Priced at just $29.99 apiece, these are absolute steals, combining Modelcollect quality and incredible detail with affordable pricing.

Also pegged for a summer release is a 1:72 scale look at a German Kampgwagenvernichter Ausf. F (E-100) StuG Heavy Tank Destroyer as well as a Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte Super Heavy Tank. While we have set a price for the former vehicle, we are awaiting word on the latter, due largely to its colossal size and higher-than-average shipping costs.

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