This Ain’t Your Father’s Paintball Game Any More

Way back in the 90s, I gave paintball a go. Back then, I went to the effort of getting camouflage clothing, complete with insignia and name tag, and even toted a pair of miniature binoculars into battle, which, of course, I lost somewhere along the way, as I did my best trying to not get shot to pieces.

Nowadays, paintball has come a long way, employing high speed guns, elaborate battle maps, and get this, tanks. Apparently, its not enough to get a welt or two from a fast-firing machine gun aimed from the hip. Now, some guys have gone the extra mile and built miniature tanks, complete with rotating turrets, protective cages, and even paint-filled, shoot-n-scoot guns. Not to be outdone, there’s even heavy mini-guns and high-tech protective armor, as if the current outerwear wasn’t up to task and a bit too pase. I think I’ve seen it all.

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