Panzerkampf 2.0

Panzerkampf’s 1:72 scale US Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) Air Defense System with M901 Launching Station – Desert Camouflage

I’ve been told by one informed source that we never gave newcomer Panzerkampf a fair shake when it came to adding their products to our online catalog. Frankly, I wasn’t all that impressed when the range first appeared since many of the 1:72 scale vehicles looked to be rehashes of already available product. We’re not in business to offer redundant lines that gather dust on the shelves and leave us wondering why we stocked them in the first place.

Panzerkampf’s 1:72 scale Soviet Object 279 Special Purpose Tank

But, with 2019 already in full swing, and several existing lines withering on the vine, we thought we’d give them a second chance and add a few products to our site. Moreover, we noticed several interesting new items due out later this year that are already appearing on some European retail sites. So, rather than shunt them to the side a second time, we’re looking to give them another chance and hopefully see some stellar results. New blood is always welcome to our site, however, there has to be a reason to carry more plasma, not simply because they are the latest flavor in the candy store with nothing else to show for it.

Panzerkampf’s 1:72 scale US Ground Self-Defense Forces M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) (1:72 Scale)
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Panzerkampf: Moving at a Turtle’s Pace?

Your guess is as good as ours when this handsome A39 Tortoise Heavy Assault Tank will hit the market in North America

Some times we’re left in a lurch, not knowing what or who to believe. Such is the case with Panzerkampf, a relatively new manufacturer of diecast military vehicles that’s been lurking in the shadows of obscurity for several months now, neither providing hard-and-fast release dates for its retail clientele nor clear about which vehicles will be released and in what order. According to information found elsewhere on the web, this could prove to be crucial, since they have a number of completed vehicles that will instantly get snapped up once they do find a willing stockist.

Merkava anyone? While the Mk. 3 Merkava has been available from numerous manufacturers, collectors have been after this Mk.5, with its saucer-shaped turret, for a very long time

The two most notable projects supposedly out before the close of 2017 are a WWII-era British A39 Tortoise heavy assault tank and a modern-day Israeli Merkava Mk.IV main battle tank. Other vehicles appear on the Panzerkampf Order of Battle, including the German Panther and Panzer III tanks, and Hummel tank destroyer, along with a Russian Amata main battle tank and MSTA self-propelled howitzer. For now, we’ll keep twirling our fingers waiting to hear from one of our distributors lucky enough to have locked up the line. For now, we’ll join you in ogling some of these tantalizing replicas and hope they become stocking stuffers instead of stuffs of legend.

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Panzerkampf Orders its Assault Troops Forward


Even though we’re still awaiting the first 1:72 scale tanks from newcomer, Panzerkampf, it appears as if they have lots more armor in the pipeline just itching to find a new home. According to their web site, four more tanks are pretty far along in the development process – so far, in fact, that they even have pictures of the replicas rather than 2-D line art. The four newest showings include what appears to be a WWII-era German Panther Ausf. D medium tank with side armor skirts, Russian T-90MS main battle tank, and a pair of German Leopard armored fighting vehicles: a 2A5 as well as a 2A7. No dates of availability were listed, so they could be a ways of before they hit the street.

Other vehicles seem to be in the works too, most notably a US-built M60A3 Patton tank clad in explosive reactive armor as well as a vehicle we cannot identify. Further details will no doubt surface in the coming weeks.

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New Line: Panzerkampf



Evey so often, a new line of diecast military vehicles seems to pop up on the radar screen that catches us completely by surprise. One such brand is Panzerkampf, a new Chinese company that seems to be offering several subjects that no one else has done before such as a three-piece Israeli Iron Dome missile defense shield set. It would appear as if they plan to offer a T-14 Armata main battle tank too as well as a T-15 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, the core of the new armored forces currently being fielded by Russia.


Now here’s the rub. We’ll be posting all of this information on Friday since its my youngest daughter’s wedding day today, which obviously takes precedence over any new product information. We hope you join us in the celebration and I know you can wait just one more day before we shed further light on this new manufacturer and their interesting mix of products.

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